Helba Bag in Box 4,5L

185,00  IVA inclusa

Helba Bag in Box 4.5L offers all the taste of Helba Gin in a more economical and sustainable format. It’s very simple: open the package, turn the tap, and pour up to 4.5 liters of gin. By using the Bag in Box format, you’ll get 6.5 bottles for the price of 4. The packaging is sustainable, as it’s made entirely of recyclable cardboard. Perfect for bars, large events, and parties among friends.




Tasting notes

The nose is dominated by scents of the Mediterranean scrubland: myrtle and hints of wild mint blend with a subtle briny note from the seaweed.

In the mouth, the flavor is fresh and aromatic, with a juniper that is never intrusive, but present to give balsamic notes. The finish is smooth thanks to the dried chestnuts and the natural sweetness of juniper berries.

Helba, for its aromas and delicacy, pairs perfectly with Indian-style tonics that enhance its taste without adding anything.