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The project

Not just a brand, but a one-way journey to the heart of an island, amidst the scents of the Mediterranean scrubland, the flavors of a unique land, and the freshness of the Tuscan waters: Helba is a true homage to the Island of Elba, its sea, and summer.

Born in 2021 from an idea by thirty-year-old Federico Figini, unmistakably Milanese but active in Elba, Helba is a ‘declaration of love’ to the place where he has been escaping whenever possible for over 20 years, but also to the most beautiful summers of our lives.

Helba is a reminder of sensations, it’s the memory of saltwater droplets on the skin, of the first sip of gin and tonic on the first day of vacation, of a dive into cool water after hours under the sun, of a dance under the starry sky. It’s the window to an ‘offline’ world, relaxed and timeless, it’s the promise of the summer to come.

The ambitious goal is to increasingly make Helba a beloved brand capable of bringing the magic of this wonderful island to the entire world.

Every detail, from the name to the essences, all the way to the bottle, is a celebration of the island.

Helba was the medieval name of this place, a romantic choice that recalls its fascinating history, while the blue of the bottle brings to mind the shades of its sea seen from the top of a cliff. The artwork on the bottle, handcrafted by the renowned Milanese illustrator Il Tela, depicts a heart of pyrite, the iconic mineral of the Elban underground: because it is precisely from here that Helba is born – from the heart of the island.

Helba is a company that, in three years since its inception, has achieved important milestones, bringing the brand to Spain, Switzerland, Albania, Kazakhstan, UK, France, and Germany, forging partnerships at the highest level such as those with Nio Cocktails and Partesa of the Heineken group, participating in international events such as the Venice Film Festival, and successfully closing the first equity crowdfunding operation in the world of Italian artisanal gin.


Curated by the creative agency Moka Lab, ‘From the Heart of an Island’ is the commercial that narrates the essence of Helba.

A succession of evocative images inspired not only by the island, but also by its legendary history.

According to the myth, Aphrodite, emerging from the foam of the sea that had generated her and proceeding toward the beach where Eros awaited her, was trying to adjust the necklace that had been given to her by Paris but… suddenly, the necklace broke.

The pearls that slipped from Aphrodite’s hand did not sink, but remained afloat, began to populate with flora and fauna, and over time transformed into the 7 Pearls of the Tuscan Archipelago, as we know them today. The largest is the Island of Elba, the third largest island in Italy by size.

The commercial sees Aphrodite returning to Elba, drawn by the natural elements of the island that will guide her on a “journey” through the nuances, sounds, and colors of the place. She will be drawn deep into the bowels of the earth, uncovering the “heart” of the island that the goddess will return to its rightful place: the sea.