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P.M. Martini

by Paolino Stoppa and Matteo Mercaldo @villa ottone


The most iconic cocktail in the history of cinema revisited to give it strength and enhance the natural flavor of Helba. Born on the Island of Elba in the bar of the renowned Hotel Villa Ottone: a classy five-star hotel which, with the ancient nineteenth-century Villa, dominates the harbor of Portoferraio which becomes part of the structure itself.

Helba Gin 6 cl
Caper Dry Vermouth 6 cl *
For this preparation, leave 200 ml of Dry Vermouth with 15 g of carefully rinsed pickled capers to infuse for 5 hours.

GARNISH: caper flower
TECNIQUE: Stir&Strain
GLASS: Martini cup

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